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Service Principals

The Livingston County Mental Health Board bases its planning, evaluation and funding decisions on several basic principles which it feels promote the most desirable and effective methods of service delivery.  They are:

Local Responsibility and Control

Local responsibility and control lead to the most efficient and responsive service.  The Mental Health Board views positively the use of local funds for local priorities.

Responsible Financial Stewardship

The Mental Health Board as steward of Livingston County's Mental Health tax funds and other funds, is committed to sound fiscal management and expects sound fiscal management in organizations which receive Mental Health Board Funding.


The Mental Health Board is committed to providing leadership of a coordinated mental health service system with ongoing communications among funders, service providers, advocates, recipients and residents.  The Mental Health Board emphasizes and facilitates intergovernmental and inter-agency collaboration, cooperation and networking.

In addition, the Mental Health Board recognizes that to fulfill its planning mandate, partnership and collaboration with other organizations is essential.


Service providers should be accountable to the consumers of service and Livingston County residents and monitored by the Mental Health Board to assure quality of care and treatment and continued relevance to service area needs.


An array of services should be available to all age and disability groups.

Continuity of Care

Services should be integrated so that persons receive services without unnecessary delays.


Potential consumers of services should be made aware of the existence of available services.


Services should be readily obtainable and provided on a timely basis.

Community Integration

Services should integrate the consumer into the life of the community.

Client Empowerment

Clients should maintain the fullest possible control over their own lives, consistent with their ability to maintain safe and responsible behavior.  Services should build upon and preserve the assets and strengths of consumers and their families and help them maintain a sense of identity, dignity and positive self-esteem. The manner in which services are delivered should protect the rights of all residents.  


Services should accomplish stated goals.  Providers should strive to deliver the highest quality of services possible to meet the needs of Livingston County residents.


The cost of services should be reasonable.


Services should result in benefits to the consumer and to the community.

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